To the South

Turning its gaze towards the western part of the Gulf of Cagliari, the beach of Poetto di Quartu continues with the beach of Poetto di Cagliari that ends with the famous Sella del Diavolo (Sedd ‘e su diaulu in Sardinian language).

Poetto Beach of Cagliari
Poetto Beach of Cagliari with the Sella del Diavolo

In a cove of the promontory, locality Calamosca, there is a marine area frequented by nudists. The city of Cagliari, the capital of the autonomous region of Sardinia and the Millenarian administrative center of the island, develops between the historical neighborhoods located on seven hills and a flat part where are the most recent housing and ponds. The important movement of goods and people arriving in the city thanks to its port and airport do not seem to have affected the balances of the wide natural spaces and the life of those animals that, every year, choose to establish here their dwelling, such as the flamingos. A delicate balance and a close link between man, water and nature that is found by reading the history of the park of Molentargius and the saline. Phoenicians, Punics, Romans and then Pisani, Aragonese, Spanish, Piedmontese and lastly the state monopoly were all large exporters of salt and therefore the area has been exploited and modified through the centuries, according to the needs of the Dominator on duty.

Molentargius Park: flamingos.

Continuing with a short excursion from Cagliari to Teulada, you will find known places. In a context of natural beauty, protected between a promontory and an isthmus, lies the ancient Nora, its lagoon

Nora and its lagoon

and the Roman ruins.

Nora: The Roman ruins

Continuing towards Teulada lies Chia and its bays:


composed of numerous coves of various sizes on which the tower of the same name towers, placed on the top of a promontory that gives a beautiful view.

Chia tower

From above the gaze sweeps over the sea on the ponds and beaches of Sa Cologne, Cala del Morto, Porto Campana, and Su Giudeo characterized by the golden dunes that surround it and from the small island in front. Chia does not have a real city center, the shops are placed in the road that leads to the sea.

Panoramic view of Chia

Continuing to the west is always a tower to guarantee protection to the most famous beach of this stretch of coast: Tuerredda.

Tuerredda Beach

Before being completely kidnapped by the colors of the water, it is worth making a stop in the vicinity of the viewpoint placed a couple of curves before the parking for photo to be framed.

Torre Piscinnì is the name of another beach that deserves a visit for the colors of its sand and its sea, which contrasts the rocks that surround it. The fish that inhabit the seabed are numerous and of various species and just a simple mask to be able to observe and admire.

The beach is not equipped-there is not even parking and the car should be left on the edge of the roadway-but the lack of comfort is not made at all feel.

South Sardinia-Piscinnì Beach

We close this excursion with the beach of Cala Zafferano.

Beach of Cala Zafferano