With our holiday homes and the B & B we propose rates to diversified typology that conform to the needs of our guests and diversify as a result of periods of reservation and number of guests. With further diversification depending on the age of the host children and/or the extra beds required. The direct contact we suggest will be useful to identify the best adoptable solution and the right economical solution. In this way we can guarantee to the guests the most suitable structure for their needs and the best service at the cheapest price.

In an occasional form and at the request of the guests, it will be possible to organize lunch or dinner themed, collaborating with the guest in the following phases of decision and choice:

  1. Decide the location for your themed dinner (depending on the number of guests and your budget, of course!);

2. Choose the theme (depending on your preferences and those of the guests);

3. Invite the participants (the invitation will already catapulting your friends to another world);

4. Choose the menu (you will have to think about the typical dishes of the topic);

5. Equip yourself with gadgets and decorations (also these in line with the themed dinner).

The rates will vary taking into account the variants considered and in full agreement with the guest, take into account the time periods chosen, the number of guests who are interested considering the adults, children up to 12 years, the boys from 13 to 18 years and the Any extra beds compared to the ones proposed.

The cost of the “holiday home” varies from euro 60.00 to euro 120.00 per night;

The double rooms of the B & B. Vary from euro 50.00 to 110 euros, per night. In the rate is included the Italian breakfast. Hairdryer, soap and shampoo are available in the rooms.

Both solutions include the provision of sheets, towels,

The shuttle service to and from the host facility has a separate price, beneficial to the guest calculated on the required distance.

Proposals and specific agreements can be considered in the peridodi of “low season” or to take into account groups or group of Fasmiglie. Special packages are planned for the holiday season and end of year, Easter, April 25th, May 1st.